2016 Music Lovers Gift Guide

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Looking for a unique gift idea for the music lover on your list?

We have some great ideas, which we curated by personality and music style. Click on any of the products below to get more information and to order.

Pop & Rock Music Gifts

Pop music is an eclectic genre, especially suited for those of us who love to turn up the car radio and sing along. Ever get a catchy melody stuck in your head? That's pop music. Pop music is a familiar friend, a reminder of times gone by, and a voice from our inner soul.  

Our pop and rock music gifts are nostalgic, and guaranteed to bring happy times to mind.

Rolling Stones Varsity Jacket Pop and Rock Concert Posters Pink Floyd Fabric Poster Flag Tina Turner Framed 45 RPM Vinyl Record Pop and Rock Band T-Shirts Embroidered Iron On Patches The Beatles Yellow Submarine Framed Canvas The Beatles All You Need Is Love Womens Knee High Socks The Beatles Baseball Cap The Music Lovers Pop and Rock Music Gift Guide

Psychedelic Music Gifts

Psychedelic music uses feedback, electronics, and intense volume to bring us to an altered state of consciousness.There's no need to take “mind-expanding” drugs -- Just put on those headphones and close your eyes. Psychedelic music brings us to a state of altered consciousness where senses are heightened, colors dance, and kaleidoscopic images take over. 

You needn't be a druggie or a hippie to appreciate our psychedelic music gifts.

Pink Floyd Varsity Jacket Psychedelic Band Concert Posters Pink Floyd Fabric Poster Flag Psychedelic Band T-Shirts Embroidered Iron On Patches Sgt Peppers Framed Record Album Collage Grateful Dead London Concert Hoodie The Beatles Sgt Peppers Book: The Act You've Known for All These Years The Music Lovers Psychedelic Music Gift Guide

Metal & Hard Rock Gifts

Hardcore music fans may argue about whether a band is hard rock or heavy metal, but we don't care. We just love the those pounding beats, driving rhythms and powerful guitar-driven sound.  Some may say that metal and hard rock music are dying, but we are still passionate about these genres that gives voice to our rebellious spirit and makes us feel alive.

Whether you're into hard rock or heavy metal, we have plenty of great gift ideas.

Avenged Sevenfold Varsity Jacket Avenged Sevenfold Deathcrest Beanie Guns N Roses Messenger Bag Iron Maiden Hoodie David Lee Roth Framed Record Album Embroidered iron on hard rock and heavy metal patches Hard Rock & Heavy Metal T-Shirts Alice Cooper Freakers Ball Concert Poster Led Zeppelin Books The Beatles Baseball Cap Metal & Hard Rock Music Lovers Gift Guide

Jam Band Gifts

If you love jam bands, concert posters and concert t-shirts are a great gift selection. We have memorabilia from jam bands of every decade; from the 1960's Grateful Dead; to the 1970's Allman Brothers; to 1980's Phish, The Black Crowes, Widespread Panic and Umphrey's McGee. 

Other Music Gifts

Whatever genre of music you love, we have some fantastic gift ideas.

Visit: https://www.rocknsportstore.com/collections/music-merchandise

and pick your favorite genre from the menu in the left sidebar. We're sure you'll find something special.





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