Body Target Yoga, 3 Disc Collection Used

Body Target Yoga, 3 Disc Collection Used

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Product Description

Two of Americas favorite yoga instructors, Rodney Yee and Suzanne Deason show everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners how to get what they want from practice -- whether it's stress relief, more energy or a strong, trim body. Body Target Toga includes the following discs: 

  1. Upper Body Yoga for Beginners - Used - includes an active workout to stretch, strengthen and lengthen back and chest muscles. (30 min.)
  2. ABS Yoga for Beginners - Used - a challenging workout for a lean, flat midsection, includes select yoga poses to work the abs and build strong support for the back. (25 min.)
  3. Lower Body Yoga for Beginners - NEW - an active workout to stretch, tone and strengthen the legs, hips and thighs, and help reshape and redefine the lower body. Pose modifications help beginners achieve proper alignment.
  • No of Videos: 3
  • No of Discs: 3
  • DVD's Release date: 2007