16 Mixed Heart European Jewelry Beads, Platinum & Enamel Color Plated

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Product Description

Lot of Sixteen (16) Mixed European Heart Beads (as pictured)

  • Shape: Drum & Rondelle
  • Size: Varies Hole: 5 mm
  • Color: Silver & some red
  • Design: Hearts
  • Includes:
* 1 Antique silver color plated heart shaped charm with paw print, 11.50x11.50x8mm
* 1 Antique silver color plated tube shaped charm with the word love & rhinestone, 8x9mm
* 2 Antique silver color plated small heart shaped beads with red rhinestones, 9x9x10mm
* 2 Stainless steel beads with blackened heart pattern, 10x6.5mm
* 2 Zinc alloy hollow drum beads with heart pattern, 10x9mm
* 2 Silver color plated beads with brass color heart set in black, 10x8mm
* 2 Silver color plated drum shaped bead with red enamel hearts, 10x10mm
* 2 Antique silver color plated etched heart pendants, 28x8x10mm
* 2 Antique silver color plated plain heart pendants, 28x8x10mm

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