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Rock 'Til You Drop: The Decline From Rebellion To Nostalgia

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Death to geezer rock! is the clarion call of Rock 'Til You Drop – an incendiary tome primed to go off in the faces of the wheezing rock icons of yesteryear. They, says author John Strausbaugh, have sold out to the money-men – plugging the same old grooves with as much sincerity, as, well, the average baby-boomer politician.

Strausbaugh was in numerous rock bands in his youth – “but knew when to quit”...Rock 'Til You Drop comes with a salutary warning for ageing hipsters struggling to come to terms with middle-aged spread: “Don't French-kiss today's rock and roll, because you don't know where she's been”. For Strausbaugh, “rock is for kids, not parents. Colostomy rock is not rebellion – it's nostalgia”. I would love to see the look on Mick Jagger's face when he is handed a copy. For his was the generation, as the author is happy to remind us, who once captured the Zeitgeist with precision – “I hope I die before I get old.”

Here is an impassioned, yet brilliantly humorous broadside against the rock industry, which refuses to spare even the saintly Bob Dylan.


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