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Lot of 12 Cards NFL Football Cards Authentic Jersey Patches 2000-2015 Rookie

  • $ 2499

Lot of twelve (12) authentic football cards from 2000-2015. Includes:
  • 5 Rookie Cards
  • 6 Serial Numbered Cards
  • 12 Jersey Patch Cards
Variety of teams & players as listed below. All in cases, in excellent condition, as pictured above.

London Fletcher Washington Redskins Prestige Gamers Jersey   Panini 2013
Reggie Bush New Orleans Saints Game Breakers  Game worn Jersey  SN #66/199 Topps Unique 2009
Chris Long St Louis Rams Spectra Sunday Best  Jersey  SN #83/199 Panini 2015
Austin Pettis St Louis Rams Crown Royal Rookie Royalty Jersey  SN #47/299 Panini 2011
Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers Absolute Memorabilia 2011 NFL Rookie Jersey Collection  Event worn Jersey  Rookie Panini 2011
Ryan Moats Philadelphia Eagles Players Rookie Premier NFL Rookie Jersey Collection Event worn Jersey  Rookie Upper Deck 2005
Bo Scaife Tennessee Titans Crown Royale Majestic Jersey  SN #286/299 Panini 2011
RJ Soward Jacksonville Jaguars Black Diamond NFL Rookie Jersey  Rookie Upper Deck 2000
Priest Holmes Kansas City Chiefs Momentum Materials Jersey  SN #155/175 Panini 2012
Malcolm Kelly Washington Redskins Bowman Sterling Rookie Player worn Jersey  Rookie SN #10/399 Topps 2008
Devard Darling Baltimore Ravens Bowmans Best Rookie Player worn Jersey  Rookie Topps 2004
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'Afala Pittsburgh Steelers Exclusive 2002 Game worn Jersey   Pacific Trading 2002