Guatemalan Handwoven Ikat Backstrap Clutch

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Product Description

Carry a piece of Mayan culture with this adorable little clutch.

The tribal ikat design is handwoven on traditional backstrap looms by artisans in the western highlands of Guatemala. This highly specialized weaving technique has been passed down from grandmother to mother and mother to daughter for hundreds of generations, since the time of the Maya empire.  This technique is time consuming but produces intricate, durable textiles that can be light or heavy, smooth or textured, and have endless color combinations and ikat designs.

These items are distributed through a nonprofit organization located in Panajachel, a small town on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. They are dedicated to connecting 120 indigenous artisans from the surrounding area to international markets. Through Fair Trade programs, they empower women artisans, their families, and their communities to strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems. The foundation leverages traditional Maya heritage and art to rescue, preserve and promote the ancestral culture of the highland artisans with a focus on backstrap weaving. By earning a fair price for their work, the artisans are able to provide sustenance, medical care and education to their children and contribute economically in their communities.

  • Material: 100% Cotton with natural dyes 
  • Measurements: L 8" x H 5.5" + 4" Tassel
  • Details: Zippered closure, black lining + tassel pull    

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